The Vision & Purpose of Summit College

  1. To create an all-intensive training ground to grow young leaders in leadership influence & skill…and then to send them out more equipped & ready to impact their sphere of influence in the marketplace/workforce or vocational ministry with the good news of Jesus.
  2. To help The Summit Church reach the 116,000+ college students in the RDU area (and the 1500+ that already go to Summit) and mobilize them to be “missionaries” in whatever strategic context God leads them, whether that be local, national, or international.

Job Description

Disciple-Maker/Recruiter (25-30hrs)

  • Invest in D_Groups & Student Leaders through meeting weekly in organized time
  • Invest in D_Groups & Student Leaders even more in “informal” time and Family Group Time
  • Recruit & Spur On Student Leaders in Discipleship Process
  • Invest and reach out to “Unconnected and Lost” students
  • Recruit Fresh10, Black Mountain Weekend, SC United, ServeRDU, etc.
  • Recruit for Summer Projects like City Project, Second City, and 2_Year
  • Spur On Campus Ministry Students towards the Mission
  • At Church Campus (being the “college presence/pastor” at your Summit Campus)

    Secondary Role (3-7hrs)

    • Serve our Team & the College Movement in an area that you are passionate about & gifted in leading (Counseling, SC United, Retreats, Admin, Local Outreach, Missions, Reconciliation, etc.)

    Invested Team Member of SummitCollege (3-7hrs)

    • Committed Teammate in SummitCollege Meetings & Dinners
    • Plan, Facilitate, and Participate in Events or Retreats

    Church Staff Member (5-10hrs)

    • Committed Teammate to Your Summit Campus
    • Involved with other pastors & members at your campus
    • Involved in ALL SUMMIT STAFF Gatherings (i.e. Staff Retreat, ALL STAFF Prayer Days, etc.)

    Seminary (5-12hrs)

    • If on seminary track