Residency Program Outline

The Collegiate Missionary Residency Program with Shandon Baptist Church is a church-based training program built to develop followers of Jesus into disciples who make disciples. The Collegiate Missionary Residency Program primarily focuses on developing leaders to carry out the missional task on the college campus in a way that will translate to other ministry environments and the workplace. This will include personal development, evangelism, discipleship, training, vision-casting, mission mobilization, and event management. All Collegiate Missionaries play a significant role in leading the college ministry of Shandon Baptist Church while under the close mentorship of Shandon Baptist Church leadership.

Collegiate Missionary Job Responsibilities:

  • Execute missional entry onto the campus by researching the campus, mapping the campus, exploring access options to effective ministry on the campus, and contextualizing outreach to the campus.
  • Employ incarnational ministry strategies by living within five miles of campus and spending extensive time in the dorms on campus.
  • Meet weekly with the collegiate missionary team to align the vision, culture, and strategy of the missionary work on our campuses.
  • Engage in consistent evangelism on the campus through exploring different evangelistic tools, building relationships with new students, and sharing the gospel weekly. This may also include organizing evangelistic Bible studies with lost students.
  • Pioneer evangelistic work in portions of campus with little or no gospel presence among students. This may include pioneering work on new college campuses in Columbia.
  • Identity leaders and form discipleship relationships to grow students in their knowledge of Scripture, transformation of character, and development of skills such as Bible study, prayer, and evangelism. This will include both a weekly discipleship meeting and informal life-on-life discipleship.
  • Participate in and learn about healthy church formation by helping to plan, coordinate, and execute a full range of ministry programming through Shandon College Ministry.
  • Develop and train leaders in the knowledge, character, and skills necessary to carry out the missional task on the campus and in their lives after college.
  • Cultivate personal growth, leadership development, and spiritual gifts to gain continued clarity in God’s calling in your life. Although not required, this may include taking online Seminary classes.
  • Lead students through the phased process of Model, Assist, Watch, and Leave to arrange a healthy exit.
  • Create and maintain a monthly support team by asking potential partners to join your team and sending ministry updates to current partners.
  • Help create, evaluate and oversee Shandon College’s ministry as a robust expression of the essential goals for developing and engaging leaders and students who embrace and fulfill the mission to “live sent.”
  • Demonstrate, observe and protect the shared, core values of Shandon’s staff team.
  • Nurture and maintain healthy spiritual and emotional relationships with all staff, volunteers, and church members.
  • Model godliness, discipleship, and evangelism in interactions with students.