For the full vision of Frontline's development strategy, see this PDF.

Program Outline:

After completing and excelling in the Internship Program, Intern Residents can undergo an interview and assessment before being accepted into the Internship Residency. An Intern Resident support raises a full-time salary for 12 months. They continue to grow in their leadership giftings as they devote half their time to ministry leadership at their congregation and the other half to leading the Internship program and pouring into the Interns.

Resident Intern General Schedule:

Sunday (4-8 hours depending on congregation and ministry)

  • Present at all services, serving in ministry

Four 8-hour Workdays

  • Time with cohorts (small groups of Interns)
  • Attend Frontline Staff All Team Meetings and specific Congregation staff meetings
  • Occasional Optional Lunch Opportunities
  • Miscellaneous work within your specific ministry