Residency Program Outline:

The CtK Residency program exists to provide those with identified giftings headed into ordained ministry an opportunity to utilize their gifts to serve the church, complete an official PCA internship, and begin to take steps towards ordination. While internships are about the intern, designed to help them explore and identify gifting and calling, residencies are more geared towards a defined role within the staff of the church. Similar to the internship, the residency provides opportunities and experience. Our particular hope is that the Lord would see fit to raise up future church-planting pastors and leaders through the residency.

Overview: CtK's residency is also a 1-2 year-long program. We personalize each residency after considering the long-term calling and gifting of each resident. Typically, this looks like a specific role on the staff of CtK, youth ministry director, community groups director, or something along those lines. After two years, the expectation is that the resident will be ordainable (or close) and able to pursue callings in other churches.

Time demands: While time commitment may vary from week to week, residents should anticipate that the internship will require roughly 40 hours per week. For seminary students, we hope that the program will overlap and enhance seminary classes and not distract from them. Therefore, we consider the time demands of classes or other vocational enrichment opportunities when setting expectations.

Oversight: Residents assume staff roles and will report to one of the pastors at CtK for a monthly meeting. The pastoral staff works with residents to define projects and working boundaries for their role.