The Waymaker Institute Residency is a two-year Program that focuses on three key areas to give you the foundational tools to help you in life and in ministry: Education, Ministry Training, and Spiritual Formation.

Job Expectations

  1. Residents are required to participate in continuing education. It is highly recommended that Residents have completed an undergraduate degree at an accredited institution. Residents who have completed either an undergraduate degree, graduate degree, or the Waymaker Institute Academic Program will work with Institute staff to form a continuing education plan using other platforms and resources.
  2. Residents participate in weekly environments that provide opportunities for spiritual development and personal growth. These environments intentionally emphasize teaching, prayer, worship, and the practice of spiritual gifts to shape and form each student’s character and heart.
  3. Residents are considered employees at Waymaker Church and participate in all staff functions. Potential ministry areas include:
    1. Discipleship
    2. Outreach
    3. Worship
    4. Connections
    5. Groups
    6. Production
    7. Student Ministry: Middle School
    8. Student Ministry: High School
    9. Kids Ministry: Birth-4th Grade
    10. Creative Team (Graphic Design/Videography)

Program Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred
  • Ministry experience
  • Leadership experience

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