Residency Program Outline

Residency at Coastway is a two-year program in which residents will have an open door to ministry experience and serving in a church, a clear roadmap for development, and an off-ramp to a lifetime of ministry in a local church/church plant, mission field, or in the marketplace.

Specific Responsibilities and Job Duties


  • Take ownership in the areas of kids, communications, and operations as requested by the pastors/elders. (This is dependent upon the specific skills and talents of the resident)
  • Be active in all Coastway Church member meetings, SERVE Team Huddles, and Weekenders
  • Active involvement in a community group.
  • Active involvement on one or more SERVE Teams (Kids, Worship/Tech, and/or Welcome)
  • Help in weekly Load in/Load out.
  • Any other tasks that will be helpful to the continued growth and development of the church


  • Weekly participation in Staff Sync and Development
  • Weekly participation in Residency Training and Development in areas including, but not limited to: Stewardship & Budgeting, General apologetics, Race & Diversity, Bible Exegesis, Social topics, counseling, Doctrinal Studies, Public Speaking, Habits, Rest and more..
  • Connect routinely with mentor family for care and accountability.


  • Maintain Ministry Development Team through Reliant
    • At least 60% funding is required to fulfill conditional employment status
    • At least 80% funding is required for Full-Time Release to Residency
    • The goal is to remain at 90%- 100% for the entirety of the residency
  • Follow up with MTD and keep them updated on monthly progress and stories from your ministry
  • Complete all necessary responsibilities and training from Reliant.

MINISTRY TRACK EXPERIENCE (Year 2 - 35% of the time)

Option Include: College, Kids and Students, Social Media/Communications, Operations