Program Outline

The Hope Ministry Residency is a 2-year residency within Hope Community Church designed to help people step into the calling that God has placed on their life. We do this by allowing residents to serve in many different areas of ministry to help discern a specific calling for their lives.

  • 1st year (General) - College focus and serving in 1-2 other areas
  • 2nd year (Specific) - Focused on a more clear area of ministry

Job Outline

The staff of Hope Community Church will help you step into a ministry calling by helping develop the character and competencies you will need in ministry. We will do this by giving you evaluated ministry experience and will walk alongside you for the two years with the hope of sending you wherever God would call you to “go and be the Church.”

  • Personal/Spiritual Development- 5-7 hours
  • Ministry Exposure- 18-21 hours
  • Professional Development- 2-5 hours
  • Theological Development- 5-7 hours